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Course Description:

  • Physics can be generalized as the science of how things work. The course covers the following topics: motion, force, work, energy, momentum, thermal physics, waves, optics, sound, & electricity.  In this course you will be challenged to evaluate and describe the scientific explanations of why and how things occur and apply that knowledge to everyday experiences.

Required Materials:

  1. 3-ring binder with loose leaf or folder and notebook for notes and handouts
  2. Pen and pencil
  3. Calculator (NO CELL PHONES)

Grading Procedure:

Unit Tests/Quizzes and Projects (70%) – This is the most important grade where you show how much you learn throughout each unit. You will have a test/quiz every few weeks and there will be a couple major projects each quarter as well. 

Class work, Homework, and Lab reports (30%) - This is your opportunity to work with the material and learn the content. In order to succeed in this class, it is important that you work hard during class on notes, activities, and labs. If in class work is done in groups, each person is still responsible for the material. Homework is an opportunity for you to practice the material. Homework doesn’t impact your grade significantly, but does have an impact on how well you learn the concepts.                  

  • If your parent/guardian needs to reach me, please use my email suzanne.tisch@nicolet.us. You may also call the high school at (414) 351-8255. I will make every attempt to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • I graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis, and started teaching physics and math at Waukesha North in 2001.  I earned my masters in curriculum and instruction from Carroll University in 2003.  I taught in Waukesha for 7 years, Missouri for 7 years, and started teaching at Nicolet in the fall of 2015.    





Be on Time

You are expected come to class with all required materials and to be in your seat when the bell rings.

You will receive a warning for the first two tardies. The third tardy will result in an after school teacher detention and a phone call home. Additional tardies will be referred to the office.

Be Respectful

Follow classroom directions including not talking or leaving your seat while the teacher is talking and not disrupting classroom learning.

Students will receive a warning followed by a 5 minute teacher detention after school on the day of the offense and/or consequences described in the student handbook.

Be Responsible

Come to class prepared with assigned work complete. If you are absent it is your responsibility to request missing work and turn it in the following day.

If work is handed in late it will be reduced by 20%. No late work is accepted after the end of a unit, the day of the unit test/quiz.

Be Safe

Keep your self, your classmates, and materials safe by following all lab safety procedures.

Breaking lab safety rules can result in being removed from the lab, receiving a zero, and being responsible for learning the information on your own.

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