Yael Gal- Ben Yitschak

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Yael Gal- Ben Yitschak

Hebrew Teacher


Contact Information

Email:  yael.gal@nicolet.us (preferred means of communication)

Phone:  414-351-8294


Shalom, and Welcome to Hebrew at Nicolet!

Hebrew is a language spoken by just 9 million people worldwide. Although it is an ancient language with roots dating back thousands of years, it is today very modern and is continuously being updated according to the times in which we live.

For 2000 years, when the land of Israel was conquered by the Romans, and the Jews were exiled throughout the Roman Empire, Hebrew was kept alive through the Bible and prayer. It was in the late 19th century, as Jews from Europe and northern Africa began to return to Israel, that a man by the name of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda decided to revive the language in a modern way. Ben-Yehuda dedicated his life to this big project and is therefore called the "Father of Modern Hebrew" which is spoken in Israel today. It is a vibrant language, constantly being renewed.

My name is Yael Gal – Ben Yitschak, and I am a native of Israel now living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have been teaching Hebrew as a foreign language at Nicolet since 2008; Nicolet is the only public high school in the state of Wisconsin which offers Hebrew as a foreign language! I am honored to teach all 5 levels of Hebrew and to be the advisor of the Hebrew Honor Society and the Hebrew club. Throughout my teaching career, I’ve taught Hebrew to all ages (children, youth, and adults) in different educational settings in our community. Currently, I also teach Hebrew at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Education and a teaching license from Haifa University, and I received my Master’s degree in teaching Hebrew as a second language from Middlebury College. I also attended UWM where I received my Wisconsin teaching certification.

I  am very excited to teach Hebrew at Nicolet, and I look forward to welcoming you to our class and to having lots of fun learning together.

Yael Gal


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