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Contact Info:  paul.hepp@nicolet.us (preferred) / 414-351-8263

Hello!  I started teaching in the Social Studies Dept at Nicolet in 1995, so I'll let you do the math on that one!  My hometown is Randolph, WI, home of the Blue Rockets.  I did my undergrad at Edgewood College in Madison and my grad work at Viterbo University in LaCrosse, WI. 

Expectations for Class

Engagement and Readiness:

Students - Your success is very much dependent upon your willingness to come to class ready to learn physically, mentally, and emotionally. This includes bringing all materials daily which are indicated below (with exception of the textbook – I will notify you when you need to bring it to class), completing homework on time and being attentive, engaged and respectful of all students and adults in the room on a daily basis. 

Materials Needed:

  • school issued textbook
  • 1.5-2 inch, 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper
  • spiral notebook (can be kept in 3 ring binder)
  • pens/pencils

Tardy Policy:

The standard Nicolet tardy policy is an effect.


All work (formative and summative) in the form of total points will constitute 80% of each semester grade while the final exam being worth 20%.

Grading Scale (standard Nicolet scale)

A+ 97-100

A 93-96  (exceeds expectations with excellent performance)

A- 90-92

B+ 87-89

B 83-86  (meets expectations with good performance)

B- 80-82

C+ 77-79  

C 73-76  (meets most, but not all, expectations with fair performance)

C- 70-72

D+ 67-69

D 63-66  (meets some, but not many, expectations with poor performance)

D- _ 60-62

F 0-59

Test Make-Up:

Tests will be made up in a timely fashion.  If you miss a test, quiz or assessment, you will be expected to take the assessment in the Testing Center the day of your return unless other arrangements have been made with me.  

School Policies:

There are school rules and policies in place for a reason and it is my job to consistently enforce them within my classroom.  Therefore, sight of /use of cell phones or other electronic devices is prohibited (unless directed by me for instructional purposes) and will be confiscated and turned into administration as per policy.  Make sure that cell phones are off of the desk and in your pocket or in your backpack/bag.  School dress code should also be followed.



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