Jaime Domski

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Jaime Domski

English Teacher

Although I began teaching at Nicolet High School in 2013, this 2017-2018 school year marks my sixteenth year in education. I am excited to be teaching English 9, English 10, and Literacy Lab this year.

Additionally, I am the advisor of Swedish Club and Hand & Paw Club, and I am co-advisor of the newly revived Nicolet Literary Magazine, Visible Ink.


Contact Information

Email:  jaime.domski@nicolet.us  (preferred means of communication)

Phone:  414-351-8283

Classroom: C-113

Office Hours: 6:45 am-7:15 am, Resource, and after school by appointment

Website: https://sites.google.com/nicolet.us/domski/home




We expect enthusiasm for learning from all students. We want you to be engaged and contribute daily, although we know that such participation will look different for different learners. We all need to be critical listeners and focused speakers as we work to create a dynamic educational environment. We want you to take risks and know that we value the process of learning and inquiry as much as the final product.  


Attendance/Late Work/Makeup Work

Attendance is important.  Missing one day or one assignment can create problems for you unless you are very organized and follow up immediately on the work you have missed. Your grade is earned through a demonstration of what you know and can do. Missing opportunities to grow in these areas and demonstrate evidence of learning impedes your ability to master learning targets. If you are absent, check the homework web site, another student, or me to get your missing work.


Nicolet's Tardy Procedure 

To promote a responsible, respectful, and effective learning environment, students will be marked tardy if they are not inside the assigned classroom and ready to learn.

  •         When the bell rings for all periods, teachers will close their doors and students will only be permitted to class with a pass.  Students arriving late to any class, including first period, must report to the High School Office.  In the High School Office, students will be required to scan their student ID into a tardy kiosk and a pass will be printed.  
  •         Tardiness will automatically be tracked in Skyward.  Total tardies will be printed on the student’s pass.  An email will be sent to students and parents when a consequence is issued.
  •         Consequences will be managed based on the number of tardy offenses a student accumulates for all periods during the course of a semester.

Ø  5 tardies = 30 minute lunch detention

Ø  10 tardies = 1 hour after school detention, discipline referral, and loss of exam exemption

Ø  15 tardies = 1 hour after school detention, discipline referral, and meeting with parent and administrator

Ø  20 tardies = 1 hour after school detention, discipline referral, and a referral to the  school resource officer for a truancy citation.



This classroom is a training ground for a professional environment, so you are expected to act professionally. We will follow the Knight’s Code, which is to…

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe
  • Be On Time (see tardy policy)

If there are behavioral issues, we will use the following procedure:

First Offense = Warning

Second Offense = 15 minute detention and parent/guardian contact

Third Offense = 30 minute detention and parent/guardian contact

Disruptive behavior that persists and impedes the learning process for yourself or for others may result in the student’s removal from class with a referral submitted to the assistant principal.

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