Mrs. Kelly Wendel

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Kelly Mulcahy Wendel

Art & Photography


Room: C109/D109

My name is Kelly Wendel and this is my first year teaching at Nicolet High School. I will be teaching courses in Ceramics, Metals, Drawing & Design & Photography. My goal is to help students become high level problem solvers with risk taking and collaboration while fostering creativity. I love to share my professional work with my students as I own have my own freelance photography studio, Shy Kiwi Studios, in which I get to collaborate with other artists and families across the Milwaukee Area. Art is an evolving part of our culture & community and it is my passion to collaborate with kids in showing their voice through their artwork.

A students time spent in my classroom will require an environment of mutual trust and adherence to classroom expectations.  There is a lot of responsibility as an artist in a shared studio space, every student will collaborate both with peers and teachers to ensure all students are able to create in a safe environment. Students are expected to be in the classroom when the bell rings.  Consequences for tardies will follow official school policy.

I will post grades for individual assignments as quickly as possible.  Please keep track of your progress using Skyward and please contact me to me with any questions. Email is the best form of communication as I travel between four different classrooms. I will try to get back to all concerns within 24 hours.

Students are encouraged to seek additional help when needed.  You may get extra assistance during during resource period or after school on most days.  Please speak with me in advance so I can plan adequate time to help you.

For more detailed information regarding grading and behavior expectations for specific courses, please read the syllabus section of the course in my Canvas module (please have your student login to their school account).  

2019-2020 Schedule

1st hour (7:23 - 8:10)  Prep 

2nd Hour (8:15 - 9:02) Art Metal

3rd Hour (9:07 - 9:54) Ceramics & Sculpture

4th Hour (9:59 - 10:34) D109 Resource

5th Hour (10:39 - 11:26) Ceramics & Sculpture

6th Hour B(12:01 - 12:48) Ceramics & Sculpture

7th Hour (12:53 - 1:40) Photography 1 (S1) / Draw & Design 1 (S2)

8th Period (1:45 - 2:32) Prep

Ceramics Syllabus        Metals Syllabus        Photo Syllabus

Thank you for your support and I look forward to having a great year of learning & collaboration.


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