Michael McDowell

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Office E111

7:00-3:20 Daily

414 351-8172


I've taught music classes at Nicolet including Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Big Band, Jazz Combo, Pop Combo, Class Guitar, Class Piano, Music Theory, Electronic Music, Song Writing and Production, and Worlds of Music since 2001.  I also direct the Pep Band for Nicolet athletic events as well as the Pit Orchestra for the annual school musical.


My classroom policies, tardy policies, rules, and expectations conform to those in the Nicolet Student Handbook. See individual class syllabi for additional information.


Class/Rehearsal Expectations

-Arrive to class on time. (in the rehearsal room when the bell rings)

-Set phones to airplane mode and store out of sight.

-Set up equipment (binders & instruments) and be ready to play two minutes after the bell rings.

-Maintain your equipment in class in good playing condition.

-Participate in daily warm up exercises

-Participate in daily performance repertoire rehearsal by following along with group activities and playing when directed to do so.

-Put forth your best effort with posture, tone production, blending, balance, expressiveness, etc.

-Pay attention to instruction directed at your section and at others.

-Avoid excessive talking during instruction.

-Remain in your assigned area and be ready to play throughout the rehearsal

-Be cooperative with the director and other ensemble members in all rehearsal situations.

-Pack up and store all of your equipment including instruments, binders, mutes,and miscellaneous papers in the appropriate areas.


Tardy Procedure

Students will be required to scan into class using the barcode on their student ID card.  Every classroom space will have a scanner available to record attendance. To promote a responsible, respectful, and effective learning environment, students will be marked tardy if they are not inside the assigned classroom and ready to learn.

  • When the bell rings for all periods, teachers will close their doors and students will only be permitted to class with a pass.  Students arriving late to any class, including first period, must report to the High School Office.  In the High School Office, students will be required to scan their student ID into a tardy kiosk and a pass will be printed.  
  • Tardiness will automatically be tracked in Skyward.  Total tardies will be printed on the student’s pass.  An email will be sent to students and parents when a consequence is issued.
  • Consequences will be managed based on the number of tardy offenses a student accumulates for all periods during the course of a semester.

Ø  5 tardies = 30 minute lunch detention

Ø  10 tardies = 1 hour after school detention, discipline referral, and loss of exam exemption

Ø  15 tardies = 1 hour after school detention, discipline referral, and meeting with parent and administrator

Ø  20 tardies = 1 hour after school detention, discipline referral, and a referral to the  school resource officer for a truancy citation.



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